Kick It Off

I’ve already picked out the title ofthe book that I’ll probably never write. It’s simple “IF” I might even get fancy and put an ellipse at the end “IF…”

That word is great. It represents so much hope and imagniation, but also when you own a business sometimes it contains the hint of defeat – usually when it’s used in the context of “IF only…” In that case, the ellipse is more than appropriate.

I speak to so many business owners and a conversation wouldn’t be complete without “If… I had just a bit more capital, If… all my employees were as good as, If… I could just get this deal, …”  Since it’s such a popular word, I would entitle my book “IF.”

Welcome to my blog. IF you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them. IF I feel like it, I’ll respond.


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