Killing Time Creates Marketer Value

There was an article in the NY Times today. ( It covered the ban on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like from Wall Street’s corporate firewalls. The reasons are somewhat obvious – they want the employees 100% focused on the work at hand and are hyper sensitive to security. Let’s face it, information is equal to profits in this world.

The article got me thinking though. First, the old-school in me says, “I understand.” The new media age dude in me says, “Oh, Please. You can’t stop it so don’t fight it. Find a way to embrace it.” Regardless of whether you agree with these policies, there is a reality here that marketers have realized. A few minutes can be a successful engagement.

As one of the workers mentioned in the article, they oftentimes have to sit around and wait for a supervisor. This may be just minutes or longer. In the interim, most people – pop online. This is true for a lot of things – waiting in the doctor’s office, waiting for a subway, waiting for a boss, waiting for lunch, ….

Waiting equals an opportunity to have an engagement that yields a sale. The impulse buys of Giltman, Rue La La, and these daily special sites is not so much riven by the email at noon and great discounts. Oftentimes, the discounts aren’t discounts at all and these savvy shoppers know that. However, it’s an instant offering of an appropriate product for the audience, with an easy mechanism to purchase and ship. Click, click, click, done. Box arrives.

Mobile strategies must embrace this type of sale. Online strategies can help promote related products, entice you with further deals, and drive further filling of the cart. Mobile strategies can tackle this only so far, but the important step is to get that first sale. Win the client. Share a positive experience. Have the opportunity to engage yet again, another day.

For mobile – KISS is the best approach. (Keep it Simple Stupid) in case you didn’t know. Here’s the test… What can a person achieve in 3 minutes on your mobile app? If they can’t easily complete a sale – you lose.


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