Differentiators – Top 8 Ideas Clients Would Shoot Down

One differentiator, please. Something big, but not too big. Something bold, but not too bold. Something that makes our company standout. Nothing that’s too difficult or that requires whole-company buy-in. Differentiators are to be celebrated. Take a test of how much of a differentiator you are willing to be. How many CEOs and marketing professionals would approve these concepts? There would be no measurable clicks or coupons, and no prediction on success or return on investment.

Iconic Brand Activations

1. Anheuser Busch Clydesdales







2. Goodyear – Create a blimp and let TV networks use it for free.







3. Red Bull – Build a brand on extreme sports and a man jumping out of a spacecraft.







Amazing Campaigns That May Never Have Been

4. Where’s the beef? – Wendy’s went risky with risqué.

5. Most interesting man in the world by Dos Equis – And how does this relate to beer and will people like him?

6. The eTrade baby – People aren’t going to want a baby telling them where to trade.

7. Our Blades Are F***ing Great – The DollarShaveClub.com – Nearly all marketers would say, we can’t say that.

8. 50 foot M&M Character dressed like the Statue of Liberty in NYC Hudson River – Imagine the potential pushback?

The reason it is called a differentiator is because it is not the same as every other brand campaign. If you want to stand out you better be willing to step outside your comfort zone. It is a risk reward decision.


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