Twitter’s Front Door

I remember many years ago a friend of mine telling me that she painted the front door to her house a strong green color. She did this because she was told by her psychic that it was the color of money and would bring good fortune. Well, I think Twitter has the opposite idea.

If you’ve ever placed Twitter advertising you will be well familiar with the first screen you see when you login or when you hit the “Home” button within the system. It lists your credit card. That’s it. Just a line with your credit card. A constant reminder that you are currently spending money. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say that is all it shows. There are a few more columns to the right of the credit card – your budget, your spend, and start/stop dates of the overall campaigns. One would think they would at least show the progress you’ve made on this screen. If you consider progress dollars spent then they do. If you want to know success metrics, clicks, engagements, follows, please click past the front door.

My point – do not make your front door a potentially negative statement. User experience can oftentimes be a very simple exercise.