About the Author – Sean M. Owen

What is there to tell? All around entrepreneur with focus on technology and marketing. All about being the best in every aspect – technical capabilities, leadership, business, … Avid reader of online content. Huge proponent for networking and increasing the circle of people. The best of anything is not achieved by a sole individual.

Feel free to reach out to me through Twitter LinkedIn, this blog, my online paper. There are plenty of ways. I live in NYC and NH, splitting my time between both places. I have a great digital advertising agency (biased opinion, maybe) called wedu and quite a few startups.

Here’s the question I like to ask everyone – Are you ready for more? If so, what are you doing to make that happen?

Enjoy the content.



ps – I did become a bit of a golf fanatic a few years ago so if you want 4 hours of my undivided attention – suggest a course. I’ll be there.


Just because everyone likes to know who they’re talking to…. A few pics of me at a wedding, golfing, with my godson, and of course the obligatory professional shots.



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